An Evening at the Peeping Tom Kitchen | 18 May 2022  11 May 2022
During the first edition of the Peeping Tom Kitchen (17-20/5), you are invited for an evening at the Peeping Tom Studio on Wednesday 18 May 2022. We’ll present a series of short films by Peeping Tom performers Hun-Mok Jung, Jos Baker, Brandon Lagaert and Sabine Molenaar, as well as a solo performance by Brandon Lagaert. Or you can just come over for a drink at the bar! Doors open at 19:00, and the films and subsequent performance start at 19:30. We’re looking forward to seeing you in the Peeping Tom Studio!
Premiere of La Ruta with Nederlands Dans Theater  6 May 2022
Gabriela Carrizo returns to Nederlands Dans Theater, nine years after The missing door. Her newest short piece La Ruta, created with and performed by the dancers of NDT 1, premieres on 6 May, as part of the evening programme Dreams 360. The piece will then go on tour throughout the Netherlands. Discover La Ruta
A View of La Visita and Triptych by Arianna Arcara   5 May 2022
From 29 April till 12 June, head to Reggio Emilia for an exclusive exhibition about La Visita and Triptych: The missing door, The lost room and The hidden floor. Photographer Arianna Arcara followed our tour to Reggio Emilia in November 2021. She focused on portraits, staging and sequences, moving between performances that seem to stand in antithesis: the minimalism of La Visita and the excess of Triptych. Click here fore info about the exhibition and tickets.
Introducing Oiwa with the Ballet de Marseille  5 April 2022
In an abstract immensity, Oiwa explores the psychological forces at work in a couple, the quest for balance and the paradox that you always risk to fall. But are the plunges that break the balance an accident, or do they happen voluntarily? Sometimes, you need to destabilize in order to stabilize again. This new duet, directed by Franck Chartier and created with the dancers of the Ballet de Marseille, will premiere on 25 May at the Théâtre de la Ville de Paris, as part of the Ballet de Marseille's programme Roommates.

Upcoming Tour Dates

Maastricht NL

21 May 2022La RutaTheater aan het Vrijthof

Eindhoven NL

24 May 2022La RutaParktheater

Arnhem NL

25 May 2022Diptych: The missing door and The lost roomSchouwburg

Paris FR

25 May 2022OiwaThéâtre de la Ville
26 May 2022OiwaThéâtre de la Ville


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"Peeping Tom has developed a unique formal vocabulary. [...] They push absurd and cruel humor to surrealism, exposing our worst nightmares and unfulfilled desires."
Lëtzebuerger Land  26/04/2019
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