Dag van de Dans

Dag van de Dans (Day of Dance) allows a very wide audience to get a taste of (contemporary) dance. The annual event takes place throughout Brussels and Flanders in spring. Hundreds of companies, theatres, cinemas and museums compose an original programme and take over several stages, squares and streets.

This year, go on tour with Peeping Tom during the fourth edition of Dag van de Dans, on Saturday 27 April 2019. The documentary Third Act by Lotte Stoops and Mieke Struyve offers you an intimate look into tours of Vader and Moeder in Finland, Japan, Belgium, Portugal and Greece.

Based upon the work of Peeping Tom, the filmmakers create a tender portrait about ageing. Performers and extras open up about their experiences and ask the questions we all ask ourselves. How do you want to age? Who will take care of you when the moment arrives? How do you want to fill in the third act of your life?

Third Act will be shown in Cinema Zed in Leuven (17:30) and during Leo De Beul’s exhibition in Dendermonde (Ros Beiaardzaal at City Hall) at 18:00.

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