The lost room

(2015) Franck Chartier & Nederlands Dans Theater

In 2015, Franck Chartier created The lost room with the ensemble of NDTI. It followed The missing door (Gabriela Carrizo, 2013) and premiered on 1 October 2015 in The Hague (NL). In 2017, Franck Chartier completed the trilogy with the new short piece The hidden floor.

The lost room continues with some of the themes already addressed in The missing door. This time, we find ourselves on a ship at sea, where freedom and entrapment go hand in hand. In a labyrinth of rooms and corridors, several stories are told simultaneously. Characters seemingly exist in every time and every place. At the same time, they are timeless, infinite and boundless. In that respect, The lost room could be seen as a melancholic nostalgia for the future. Memories are often not a literal reproduction of the past, but instead rely on constructive processes that are sometimes prone to error and distortion. We think we remember correctly, but then it turns out we’ve given shape to a story as we see it in present or even future time. Thus, present and future events are capable of influencing the past, our memories and ability to remember.

The lost room toured The Netherlands in 2015 with The missing door and Stop-Motion (Paul Lightfoot and Sol Leon) in the frame of Start-Again. The Belgian premiere took place on November 28 at deSingel, Antwerp. A new soirée composée entitled Side B: Adrift traveled throughout The Netherlands in 2017 (premiere October, 5th), which showed the complete trilogy of The missing door, The lost room and The hidden floor.

During the Festival of Dutch Dance in Maastricht, The lost room was awarded a ‘Swan most impressive dance production in 2016’.

The jury stated: “With The lost room, Franck Chartier creates a magical realism, surreal and absurd oppressive work that opens a new world for the NDT and its audience. Chartier uses plenty of special effects, pours suspense and (macabre) humour into one barrel and turns you over with a sublime and overthrowing fragile duet.

Concept & direction Franck Chartier
Assistant to the director Yi-Chun Liu, Louis-Clément da Costa, Ander Zabala (NDT)
In co-creation with the dancers Lydia Bustinduy, Fernando Hernando Magadan / Spencer Dickhaus, Bob Verbrugge / Jef Stevens, Roger Van der Poel, Ema Yuasa / Rena Narumi, Cesar Faria Fernandes, Chloe Albaret, Myrthe van Opstal, Meng-Ke Wu, Marne van Opstal, Anna Herrmann, Anne Jung
Music New composition by Raphaëlle Latini, Ismaël Colombani, Piano recording John Elliot Gardner
Light design Tom Visser
Set design Justine Bougerol
Costumes Yi-Chun Liu
World premiere October 1 2015, Zuiderstrandtheater (The Hague, NL)
Production Nederlands Dans Theater


"The power of each piece of the trilogy lies in the permanent unpredictability of events. […] The moments of surprise arise primarily from dance - from a seductive as well as compelling movement language that describes an overwhelmingly heightened atmosphere of psychic primal fears."
Tanz about The missing door, The lost room and The hidden floor 28.11.2017 (in German)

"The famous ingredients of the two founders of the successful Belgian collective Peeping Tom are again present: dance, acrobatics, illusionism, cinematic suspense. And mad humour. […] The theatrical qualities of the nine excellent dancers are fully used."
NRC Handelsblad about The missing door, The lost room and The hidden floor 18.10.2017 (in Dutch)

"The typical mix of magic, effects, slapstick and contortion is bombastic; the suspense is perfect. The entire piece is still worthy of the comparison with the surrealistic TV series Twin Peaks." **** (4 stars)
De Volkskrant about The missing door, The lost room and The hidden floor 11.10.2017 (in Dutch)

"These dancers delivered an incredible performance. With their bodies, they challenge the rules of dance and the laws of nature. In [The hidden floor], humour, darkness and beauty coincide in superlative degree."
Cultureel Persbureau about The missing door, The lost room and The hidden floor 06.10.2017 (in Dutch)

"With The lost room (2015), Franck Chartier and his magic, realistic but surreal and absurd oppressive world, finds a wonderful connection with the Kylián tradition of NDT and therefore receives the 'Swan Most Impressive Dance Production'."
de Volkskrant on Swan for The lost room 08.10.2016 (in Dutch)

"Best plays and shows of 2015 according to NRC Handelsblad"
NRC Handelsblad on The lost room 30.12.2015 (in Dutch)

"The first highlight of the new season." ***** (5 stars)
NRC Handelsblad on The lost room 09.10.2015 (in Dutch)

"A vigorous example of surreal dance horror." **** (4 stars)
de Volkskrant on The missing door and The lost room 03.10.2015 (in Dutch)

"Dance which thoroughly shakes you up." **** (4 sterren)
Theaterkrant on The missing door and The lost room 02.10.2015 (in Dutch)

"A dazzling, extravagant experience."
Haarlems Dagblad on The missing door and The lost room 02.10.2015 (in Dutch)


"Flapping like Hitchcock's birds."
De Telegraaf on The lost room 01.10.2015 (in Dutch)



01-03 Oct 2015 Zuiderstrandtheater The Hague (NL)
07 Oct 2015 Chassé Theater Breda Breda (NL)
09 Oct 2015 Parktheater Eindhoven Eindhoven (NL)
15-17 Oct 2015 Zuiderstrandtheater The Hague (NL)
13-15 Nov 2015 Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam Amsterdam (NL)
19 Nov 2015 Theaters Tilburg Tilburg (NL)
21 Nov 2015 Theater a/h Vrijthof Maastricht (NL)
24 Nov 2015 Theater De Maaspoort Venlo (NL)
26 Nov 2015 Rotterdamse Schouwburg Rotterdam (NL)
28-29 Nov 2015 deSingel Antwerpen (BE)


05 Oct 2017 Zuiderstrandtheater Den Haag (NL)
07 Oct 2017 Zuiderstrandtheater Den Haag (NL)
10 Oct 2017 Theater De Spiegel Zwolle (NL)
12 Oct 2017 De Harmonie Leeuwarden (NL)
18-19 Oct 2017 Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam (NL)
07 Dec 2017 Park Theater Eindhoven Eindhoven (NL)
09 Dec 2017 Parkstad Limburg Theaters Heerlen (NL)
19-21 Dec 2017 Zuiderstrandtheater Den Haag (NL)