The Land

(2015) - Peeping Tom & Residenztheater

Under the directorial guidance of Gabriela Carrizo, members of Peeping Tom and the Residenztheater ensemble (Munich, DE) join forces for a brand new production called The Land. A unique work in true Peeping Tom style, conceived for the stage of the Cuvilliéstheater.

The Land plunges its audience into a world in which the loss of the self stands central. The "game" commences with a village community finding itself in the midst of a miniature landscape. A story rich in paradoxes unravels, revolving around the notions of inconsistency and alienation, proximity and distance whilst toying with the way we perceive the world around us. The Land is that melancholical place which reminds us of the fact that we have gone astray. Highlighting the power of make believe, combined with a deliberate blindness to everyday absurdities, the distinction between reality and fiction becomes blurry. A cruel and pictorial tale unfolds itself in the middle of nature. This is dance theatre with mystical qualities to it, in which a grotesque reality blends into surreal forms of imagery depicting different levels of yearning.

The Land is a production of Residenztheater in collaboration with Peeping Tom. It is held on the repertoire of the theater, and performed on a regular basis.

Concept & direction Gabriela Carrizo
Creation & performance Michaela Steiger, Valery Tscheplanowa, Philip Dechamps, Marie Gyselbrecht / Tamara Gvozdenovic, Arthur Klemt, Paul Wolff-Plottegg, Lukas Turtur, Snejinka Avramova and the kids Anna Maria Apel, Carolina Baumann, David Engel, Joram Leopolder, Quirin Rosenlehner
Dramaturgy Laura Olivi
Artistic assistance Diane Fourdrignier
Set design Gabriela Carrizo, Franck Chartier
Costume design Diane Fourdrignier
Sound design & arrangements Raphaëlle Latini, Glenn Vervliet, Eurudike De Beul
Light design Markus Schadel
Sound Alexander Zahel
Rehearsal assistance Maria-Luiza Gonçalves Tikovsky
Assistance set design Amber Vandenhoeck, Filip Timmerman, Justine Bougerol, Berit Schog
Assistance costume design Eva Bienert
Assistance dramaturgy Christina Hommel
Production Residenztheater in collaboration with Peeping Tom
World premiere in the framework of Dance 2015


"Hunting scenes in free jazz style"
Abendzeitung München 11.05.2015

"This production fascinates from beginning to end, creating a micro/macrocosm-atmosphere you cannot escape from." 11.05.2015

"The moving images Carrizo paints unveil a physical force while breathing poetry at the same time."
Frankfurter Rundschau 10.05.2015

""The Land" is a highly entertaining piece. "Peeping Tom" turns what moves people into movement."
BR-KLASSIK Bayerischer Rundfunk 09.05.2015


"The Land" on TV Kultura / Russian TV
TV Kultura 16.11.2015 (in Russian)



08-09 May 2015 Residenztheater Munich (DE)
11 May 2015 Residenztheater Munich (DE)
20-21 May 2015 Residenztheater Munich (DE)
08-09 Jul 2015 Residenztheater Munich (DE)
16 Jul 2015 Residenztheater Munich (DE)
06-07 Oct 2015 Residenztheater Munich (DE)
15 Nov 2015 NET - New European Theatre Festival Moscow (RU)


14-15 Jan 2016 Residenztheater Munich (DE)
11 Mar 2016 Residenztheater Munich (DE)
24 Jun 2016 Residenztheater Munich (DE)