Tamara Gvozdenovic

Tamara (°1987, Cuprija – Serbia) studied dance theatre at Trinity Laban where she graduated in 2010. During her time in London she worked as a dancer with Rosemary Butcher, Charles Linehan and Simon Vincenzi. Tamara founded her own dance company in Switzerland in 2009 and created Light Scream (2009), Sainte Marie Joseph de la Rose (2010) and Sous le Cou(p) du Lapin (2011). She moved to Brussels in 2011 where she taught dance for semi-professional dancers and actors at various schools. She became a resident artist at the Théâtre du Concert in Neuchâtel (CH) for the season of 2013-2014. She is currently working on a dance film and a book project together with photographer Christophe Coënon, with whom she's been working closely for the last couple of years. She joined Peeping Tom in 2014 for the tour of Vader.

Photo: Denny Saladine