Gabriela Carrizo (I/AR) and Franck Chartier (F) founded Peeping Tom in 2000. Together they created a first location project that was taking place in a trailer home, Caravana (1999), with would-be long-time collaborator Eurudike De Beul, followed by the film Une vie inutile (2000).

Peeping Tom’s hallmark is a hyperrealistic aesthetic anchored to a concrete set: a garden, a living room and a basement in the first trilogy ( Le Jardin , 2002; Le Salon , 2004; and Le Sous Sol , 2007), two trailer homes in a snow-covered landscape in 32 rue Vandenbranden (2009), or a burned theatre in A Louer (2011). In these, the directors create an unstable universe that defies the logic of time and space. Isolation leads to an unconscious world of nightmares, fears and desires, which the creators deftly use to shed light on the dark side of a character or a community. The huis clos of family situations remains for Peeping Tom a major source of creativity. The company has started working on a second trilogy – Vader (Father), Moeder (Mother), Kind (Child) – around this theme, with Vader (Father) already having premiered.

In 2005, Le Salon was awarded the Prix du Meilleur Spectacle de Danse (Best Dance Show Prize) in France. In 2007, the company received the Mont Blanc Young Directors Award during the Salzburg Festival and the Patrons Circle Award at the Melbourne International Arts Festival. The pieces Le Sous Sol , A Louer and Vader (Father) all got selected for the Theaterfestival, which gathers the most remarkable shows of the past season in Belgium and The Netherlands. In 2013, A Louer was nominated for the prestigious Ubu Awards in Italy, in the category Best Performance in Foreign Language, during the theatrical season 2012-2013. This piece also got nominated for a 'Premio de la Critica Barcelona' in the category 'Best International Dance Production of 2015' after a series at Grec Festival de Barcelona. 32 rue Vandenbranden was elected Best Dance Show of the Year 2013 in São Paulo (BR) by magazine Guia Folha and won in 2015 a prestigious Olivier Award in London, in the category 'Best New Dance Production'.

Peeping Tom's latest production, Vader (Father), is the first part of the trilogy Father-Mother-Child. It premiered on 10 May 2014 in Theater im Pfalzbau (Ludwigshafen, DE). Apart from being in the official selection of the Theaterfestival 2015, it was also elected Best Dance Performance of 2014 by Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. The jury of the 'Premios de la Crítica Barcelona' awarded Vader in its turn with a first prize in the category 'Best International Dance Production of 2014'. The company is currently creating Moeder, under the direction of Gabriela Carrizo. Many of the company’s core collaborators over the past several years are involved in Moeder in different ways, including some familiar faces from Vader. Rehearsals for the piece kicked off in April 2016, and the world premiere took place at Theater im Pfalzbau (Ludwigshafen, DE) on September 29, 2016. The Belgian premiere is at KVS Brussels, November 10th 2016.

Franck Chartier's The lost room in collaboration with Nederlands Dans Theater has recently won a 'Swan most impressive dance production in 2016'. Netherlands' most prestigious dance awards, the Zwanen (Swans), are awarded each year in October, during the Festival of the Dutch Dance in Maastricht.

Flanders Arts Institute launched an online guide to contemporary dance in Flanders and Brussels, in which you can find an analysis of the work of Peeping Tom by Lieve Dierckx.

Freelance collaborators

André & Christophe De Tremerie (transport)
Diane Fourdrignier (artistic assistant)
HyoJung Jang (costumes)
Nico Leunen (dramaturgy)
Raphaëlle Latini (sound composition)
Joëlle Reyns (technician)
Hjorvar Rognvaldsson (technician)
Wout Rous (technician)
Krispijn Schuyesmans (technician)
Herman Sorgeloos (photography)
Juan Carlos Tolosa (sound composition)
Amber Vandenhoeck (technician)
Johan Vandenborn (technician)

Board of Directors

Rafael Heylen (chairman)

Emiliano Battista
Thijs De Ceuster
Lieve Dierckx
Peggy Donnelly
Christel Simons
Herman Sorgeloos


Quentin Legrand (company manager)
+32 2 290 22 07

Anastasia Tchernokondratenko (production manager)
+32 2 290 22 08

Lulu Tikovsky (tour manager)
+32 2 290 22 08

Sébastien Parizel (communication and press)
+32 2 290 22 08

Filip Timmerman (technical director)

With the support of the Flemish authorities